Wednesday, May 13, 2009

RE: MSNBC Report: One-fourth of overseas votes uncounted

I recall the previous election counts for President from troops overseas to be for the Democrat candidate and there was some questions about how they were not "secret ballots" either, someone was counting them before they came to the US for some reason, perhaps just this one, where did they go George?
Perhaps in some Electoral College elections they may have made a difference, especially where i.e., Maine, no longer give all to one party or the other, apportioned as shown in the number of ballots for each candidate as fairly as possible. An example might be the constant blaming of Ralph Nader for "losing" the election for the Democrat candidate Al Gore, who however could not "win" his own state of Tennessee, as the rules for that state allow all Electoral College votes to go to the party with majority of the popular vote there, if even by the narrowest of margins, third party challenges left out.
Mr. Nader, the oldest candidate to run for President of the US was left off the 1960s voting machines in my polling place in the Bronx, NY where before he had been on it.
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