Saturday, April 18, 2009

Snow Rollers, The Fannichs, Loch Bhraoin, Wester Ross, Scottish Highlands on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The only time I've heard of them was on the hill in Huntington, NY on Long Island at the British Revolutionary War Fort Golgotha, commanded by Benjamin Thompson later known as the physicist Count Rumford in Europe. A French observer noted that it blew in the winter storm there so hard the snow rolled up hill into "snow rolls" like these on the side of the hill where the fort had been built in the local cemetery on top. Nearby Nathan Hale captured as a spy posing as a Dutch schoolteacher was landed and perhaps taken to Fort Golgotha before taken to Manhattan where he stated that his only regret was to have one life to lose for his country. His remains have not been located. I worked on a small archaeology project there and we recovered a "QR" "Queens Ranger" pin in the plowed over remains in a Saturday "gifted and talented" elementary school children's class. Perhaps Nathan Hale was laid to rest in the "First Almshouse" cemetery inside today's City Hall Park in NYC, below today's statue of Horace Greeley and monument of Joseph Pulitzer, which was examined in 1999 by archaeologists. His statue was moved to the front of City Hall about then from its former corner across from the location of the Civil War photographer, Mathew Brady. Now he faces Benjamin Franklin across the street. Thanks for the "snow rollers"! I have some relations I think on the Black Isle, Urquharts you may have heard of.

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