Sunday, April 05, 2009

Newsvine - NEW Study: Scientists Discover Active Thermitic Material in WTC Dust - Route24 News

My Avira software won't go to that site over spam url's. The WTC were the first skyscrapers put up with nuts and bolts rather than rivets which allowed it to be completed in "record time" by comparison. It was for sale, and just prior to 9/11 a voting primary day in NYC candidates for Mayor were asked on a public local station, WABC I recall, what the prospective candidates would do with the "windfall" from the anticipated sale of the WTC. My favorite response was a to build the ?0,000 low and middle income housing units negotiated for the original "de-mapping" of the NYC streets to build the trade center, apparently never built according to the candidate. How many people were voting that day instead of in the WTC is a matter of conjecture, rarely ever raised.

Is there to be a "torque bolt-and-nut" study? That also did not seem to be an important enough matter, but one would hope it was also studied.

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