Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Number 9-9-9 for Beatles: Rock Band, Digital Remasters | The Underwire from

A one time cameo, sitting at a cafe table, was reported for Ian Fleming in "The Prisoner" I read in supplied credits written and directed by Patrick McGoohan ("Longshanks" in "Braveheart"). I saw a fan club "Six of One" (from "six of one, half dozen of another") online. I missed attending Anthony Burgess' "creative writing" course at Buffalo, NY university by a year or two, who I read his brother was a prisoner of sorts thought "a clockwork orange" and I wonder if he and Mr. McGoohan knew each other.

My question might be how litigious can we get? Mick Jagger on the stand in the Bronx County courthouse over a song, George Harrison's guitar filched on Staten Island by a doctor, Jim Carey leaving a Howard Stern interview say he had a jet that took George Harrison to Switzerland for treatment. Looking forward to the remastered music, and Muzak's bankruptcy, boy could those guys get Beatles songs up in the air fast. Reminds me of an old 78 rpm Al Jolson singing "I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now" and the flip side "Wait 'till You Get Them Up In the Air Boys". (1919)

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