Friday, April 17, 2009

Bloomberg Says No to Gowanus Cleanup

I worked on EPA Superfund National Priority sites for archaeology in 1989-1994 after HAZMAT training at Bellevue and in Elmsford, NY. One in particular, the Marathon Battery site in nearby Cold Spring, NY was contaminated by nickel-cadmium heavy metals from the production of batteries for the NIKE missile ABM system that once ringed many cities around the world. The historic West Point Foundry Cove marsh was earthen dammed removed processed with concrete and taken out on the historic rail-bed that once carried the cast iron rifled Parrott cannons in the Civil War and latter steel assemblies used elsewhere to build bridges and skyscrapers in the NY/NJ area by the Chicago Steel and Bridge Co. until about 1913 (newspaper reports Bridge Shop fire) across from the West Point Military Academy. The operations went apparently quite smoothly and today the marsh, monitored is returning to its prior natural state. I think the federal clean-up of Gowanus Canal would be the best option, though there were contentious levels of acceptable clean-up in Cold Spring, i.e., the State had a cleaner standard in parts per million than the Federal government did at the time.

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