Monday, April 13, 2009

Ask About the History of Manhattan - City Room Blog -

When asked to research the Bowery near it and Houston for archaeology we found that two cemeteries were removed, the Quaker one, usually unmarked, to what is now Prospect Park and Westbury and a Methodist one to the Queens/Brooklyn border created to circumvent the NY State legislature which insisted none be more than 250 acres in any one county. The two non-denominational marble vault cemeteries however are still there. My question is, just a block or two below Houston on one map is the toponym “Negroe Cemetery”. Was it moved? Does someone know the history of it? I worked on the research and archaeology as crew of the “First Almshouse” cemetery inside City Hall Park prior in 1999, near the statue of Horace Greeley and the monument to Joseph Pulitzer, most left where they lie.

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