Saturday, March 21, 2009

Newsvine - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:  'People are scared'

Maybe the intelligence community should be investigated too. Is there federal oversite? $6 billion was "handed" to the FBI for "Operation Megiddo" based on the "belief" that the "millennium" could or would bring the need for federal operations at that level of spending. What nerve to name it after a place in Israel where the so-called "battles of Armageddon" had already or will take place. And what was the rationale? What did it really buy?

I also saw the suit brought against the brokers in 20 major brokerages back when the market was still computing in the non-decimal parts of shares, i.e., 1/8s, 3/8s, 1/2s, etc., the investigation and court papers came to my residence as part of that investigation, which the government alleged the brokers in collusion were dealing across brokerages based on 20 blue chip stocks ending on certain days in certain "odd" or "even" fractions, to the tune of $1.5 billion in damages.

Once upon a time the Senator that arguably was replaced by Madam Secretary, Daniel Patrick Moynihan in my state, New York, now surely missed, asked what have we wrought? We began an agency or agencies that were needed during a world war that now receive unprecedented amounts of money that have no one watching the watchers, and he seriously proposed eliminating them and the $20 billion a year then that did not require any oversite or review. Now it seems we have gone just the opposite way and created even more reasons to wonder if spying and industrial espionage is being conducted without regulation.

Thu Feb 19, 2009 9:28 PM EST

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