Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Museum reveals engraving hidden in Lincoln watch

"I did EPA mandated archeology work at the West Point Foundry in Cold Spring, NY that would later produce the patented muzzle-loaded, rifled R.P. Parrot cannon that pulverized Fort Sumter, SC at end of the war, but not before 'Swamp Angel' bombarded Charleston, SC with incendiaries in 1863 from miles away. There is a monument to cadets that were killed in artillery practice at West Point, where I was after 9/11 testing areas to be cleared from Hurricane Floyd. I have heard that the person(s) who fired on Fort Sumter were shooting at their former artillery professor recently put in charge there, and there are records of the two, a student and teacher in heated exchanges while in class together over artillery. Ni-Cad battery production of the NIKE missile ABM system had contaminated Foundry Cove a part of Constitution Island on the east shore of the Hudson River celebrating its 400 year 'discovery' this year. It's just a short way away from the Academy and you can hear the 'Pointer's Echo'. I wonder if President Lincoln had that watch when he observed the huge R.P. Parrott cannon firing 200 pound shells across the river? We found a 'Swamp Angel' gun platform under the fill on grillage."