Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Newsvine - Where to go after Gitmo?

Prisoners obtained under "extraordinary rendition" drugged, blindfolded, some "purchased" in poor lands, a black-ops discovered by "plane spotters" in the Republic of Ireland, who then wore "black shamrocks" in protest that Easter, in violation of international law in the use of their airport, to me is nothing to be proud of as justice served. We have increased for example one single digit reader and interpreter of Arabic in the US FBI since "9/11" (in England would be 11/9 as they note their dates) to another single digit, which I've read is not really good "investigation". To have back in 1994 one Islam minister in the whole Federal prison system, as I also read, to me, in the "wake" of Mohammad Ali and other notable Arab and Muslim Americans seems to be a denial that is more than surreal almost in defiance of the Constitution which guaranteed no one religion would be professed to be implemented by the US Federal government. The "divine right" of any leader was not permitted under the terms of it. It also guarantees a jury trial for all matters over $20. I once worked for a large Texas-based power plant designer and builder located then on quite a few stories in the upper part of one of the "Twin Towers". They organized, back in 1983 the implementation of design at Fort Drum, NY for the relocation of the US Army 10th Mountain division Senator Bob Dole was once in, based at Camp Hale, Colorado, a new cantonment and required housing and support services for over 7,000. I was part of the archaeology survey, required by the Federal 106 preservation law. I find the presumption of the lack of planning for what is going on since as naive, especially with the former "Skull and Bones" compound in the nearby Thousand Islands. They should be served a warrant for Geronimo's remains under legislation the former President George H.W. Bush signed into law, the Native American Graves Repatriation Act, which I was given to understand, when the "sovereign nations" his son, now former President also, liked to call the natives on reservations in the US, wanted some of their sons back to be buried from our foreign wars on "their" land, maybe given the history, at least that part would survive another treaty. So a prisoner dies at Gitmo, will we provide his relatives a graveside ticket? Newsvine - Where to go after Gitmo?

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