Thursday, December 04, 2008

Re: Eliot Spitzer's new economics column at Slate

Then President Nixon went to China, a place where trade has often been troubled, whether the British opium exchange (India, Afghanistan) that led to the Boxer Rebellion, or the US trade in tea, ginseng (from North Carolina) and subscription chinaware (some in the Met Art Museum, our founders with epicanthic eye-folds) on the "Empress China" from NYC followed by the small "Experiment" from Albany, NY though profitable. My uncle, also went one of the first textile companies to "set up shop" there and in other places in Asia. He remarked that it would not be for very long however before "they" realized that a better profit could be made by them once they understood and set the example of business with the West. However, our occupation of the countries in "Southwest Asia" (Britannica) may actually hasten our businesses into "unfair" competition and perhaps more terrorism, not less.

I think we could allow loans to develop new technology, after all the defense industries are now singularly large conglomerates, with I read minimum $500 mil business requirements even to submit a bid these days, which cause Neil Armstrong antenna company to merge with EDO, both innovative technical businesses that would be liquidated without mutual cooperation. Don't get me wrong. I surprised Hummers in the military did not have "airless" tires. No it is sort of typical of some of our vehicular overspending, and not enough on infrastructure. More is spent in repairing vehicles than on infrastructure which would reduce the cost of repairing vehicles. So it's complicated. Let them eat airless tires and let the roads go to hell!

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