Monday, December 15, 2008

Newsvine - Ex-`Sopranos' actor takes stand at murder trial

It's reported that they have to prove "burglary" in order to charge him with felony murder by connecting him to it. Seems strange that, if he did not know there was a weapon in the possession of the other defendant, or that he'd use it, that the consequences of the other's action, for whatever reason, is thought "in concert" with the other who might have been drunk and/or rabble-rousing at the time.

I was made to strip-search after a single marijuana seed was found in the crack of the bench-seat of a gas station errands clunker from a new room-mates father's Brooklyn Sunoco station returning from Canada, and was held "in concert" for another's "study aids" found in his under-wear. You have to buy back the vehicle too at book value also. So check your cracks, meanwhile boats, trailers, motor-homes, ammunition, etc., go by.

In New Brunswick, Canada they have "Her Majesty's Warrant" which they can execute anywhere on "suspicion" of drugs. Is that's what's next? No Fourth Amendment? Seems a pity, here in NYC where it had to be included or "we" would not sign the US Constitution, though among the first to sign the Declaration of Independence. Had Mr. Brancato had a "personal metal detector" he might have refused to to go anywhere with the other defendant.

My cousin's husband sang for some years as the lead for the band "Journey" on tour and one of the band's older songs, "Don't Stop Believing" finished the "Sopranos" season which Mr. Brancato appeared in and in the story about where I live "A Bronx Tale" that though filmed in the borough of Queens I'm given to understand because the Bronx that was, is nevermore.

I thought I'd say something here with all due respect to the police officer who died, "Journey" once raised money for the fallen Port Authority police officers of 9/11.  Newsvine - Ex-`Sopranos' actor takes stand at murder trial

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