Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trains Erupt with Flowers: Past and Future New York City

I think it was a service to the Bank Street Market area on the westside in Greenwich Village, where there for many years had been outdoor and other markets for fresh and other produce. A similar proposal for the use of the South Bronx, at Oak Point, was a rail-link with produce, saving 10% in costs of transport, by off-loading trailer-trucks at Tappan Zee, put on freight in special containers, off-loaded onto trucks that would fit under every major bridge/overpass into and around Manhattan. I knew some archaeologists who worked on it, in part to find the original Bronks the Swedish settlers' place in New Amsterdam. Said "going up to the Bronks" led to the place-name today and the Bronx River, which Admiral Cornwallis was ordered to sail up and beat the American rebels at White Plains, by King George.

Recent forensics show that Admiral Cornwallis (his brother, the general lost at the battle of Yorktown, Virginia, when General Washington and his troops and the French troops who arrived from Rhode Island marched out of New York state to there) may have been poisoning the king with the huge amount of powdered arsenic in his wig, according to modern forensic testing in Great Britain. The Bronks place was a hill mined for fill and leveled for modern rail. Trains Erupt with Flowers: Past and Future New York City

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