Saturday, November 15, 2008

Scientists: Reverse Age-Old Engineering Or The Great Lakes Suffer

I recall surveying parts of the St. Lawrence Seaway in New York State, for archaeology, where there are mostly farms, the opposite in Canada across the way, major development. Some of the properties taken were being returned as it was there was no taxes to repair roads, etc., in some of the villages and towns between Ogdensburg, a former large rail port, and Massena, NY (once a candidate for the superconducting supercollider that was partially built and abandoned in Texas).

We share a hydroelectric dam there with Canada, opened by President Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth. One thing never built was a port in New York, though the locks there facilitate the large ore carriers and cargo carriers of international trade. Perhaps if there was a port there to process traffic it might help, like a customs stop that people and vehicles go through at the various US/Canada crossings would make sense from a development and ecological point of view. There seems to be very few officers and many miles of seaway to watch and from what I saw, no one inspecting ships. Most of the seaway traffic benefits Chicago, Illinois.
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