Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obama Warned About Afghan Escalation: Out of Frying Pan, Into Fire?

One thing that might be tried is an alternative cash crop to poppy. I recall that it was a success in Pakistan where the plant that produced the skin sun-blocker was grown on hillsides, until it was found in terms of human exposure that it could be hazardous. Certainly a hybridization, like that of maize or corn might return it to production. The BBC had a story. A former heroin addict was working in Afghanistan convincing farmers there to raise pomegranates instead of a poppy. The Taleban (British spelling) were once organized against poppy I recall. In Morocco, hashish, is produced from cannabis plants, overseen by the monarchy. Cannabis, I found is native around the world, three types, and made into hashish, is sometimes used at the end of fasting for Ramadan in the Islamic regions. It is, however, a situation some, told by an anthropologist, are not too happy about, in the mountains of Morocco who oppose the monarchy there. If we approach the problem again, but change the subsidized agricultural bases, the poppy growers and the Taleban might stop shooting at the British Army, as reported. Soybeans have transformed quite a lot of agriculture since the 1960s in different places around the world where it is grown. I wish the guy and the "pommies" well. About Afghanistan Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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