Monday, November 24, 2008

Amber Online - Current Exhibit - Weegee Portfolio


Stanley Kubrick, who began his career as a photographer and is that his wife? He was from the Bronx, NY and started out as a news photog for "Look" magazine competitor to the Luce's "Life".

A frame from "Dr. Strangelove" where the US General played by George C. Scott learns that General Jack D. Ripper has launched an aerial preemptive nuclear attack on the USSR and is called to the "War Room". "Weegee the Famous" a NYC newspaper photog, appears in a frame or two in the beginning of the trailer, (so does Kubrick) and was uncredited with the help of special effects (IMDb). Where did I leave that shopping bag full of commercials? I was following orders to be a Hollywooden filmmaker and retrieved them from the WKBW during Watergate. May your wife dissolve into a can of Comet!

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