Friday, November 07, 2008

Michael Crichton’s Question - TierneyLab Blog - NYTimes

Condolences to his family. I too, read he was so tall he had the doorways cut at the top in his home in Westchester, NY to keep from ducking or banging into every room. I suppose he was glad to not have had to drive a Willy’s Army jeep!

As an archaeology worker in EPA “Superfund” sites I’ve watched the standards of cleanup, charged twice then with double fines, using one-half the money from the chemical industry insurance pool, later “loopholed” to the mortgage granters, contested and changed between state requirements and federal, specifically the state’s standards more stringent. How the detection of “half-life” of bottom sediments change with the new detection instruments, once thought immutable, become politically charged, so in a way the science becomes the agent of change in a scenario the EPA still grants a certain level of pollution to happen everyday, numbers per discharged into the environment, test often reflecting an acceptable 8 hour exposure of adults in the work-place, thought acceptable. Mix two or more together and often nobody has any idea of the “synergistic effects”. Michael Crichton’s Question - TierneyLab Blog - NYTimes

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