Friday, July 04, 2008

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Spielberg Foundation To Give $1 Million To Jewish Museum That's nice. I worked in public archaeology on the lot he filmed "Batteries Not Included" in the area of NYC called "Alphabet City". It's named that because it's east of the earlier First Ave., can't have "0 Ave." so they went with Ave. A, B, C. They were created after filling in with earth where there had been shipyards along the shore and even a "floating church" for mariners of that persuasion to row over to. One, the Webb shipyard sold many advanced ships to foreign governments because our government was not interested at the time, changed by Theodore Roosevelt and others to "catch up". The Webb Institute of Naval Architecture is on Long Island, NY. I live in the Bronx, where believe it of not, a young John F. Kennedy lived until their family moved away when the market crashed, JFK's father wanted to invest in the "talkies" in NYC. posted 07/03/2008 at 20:13:21 Airline Employees To Stand Trial For 2000 Concorde Crash One would hope it was not because of the "cheap seats". The passengers from Germany I recall, had a package deal whereby they flew to the US and then got on a tour ship, that made the cost of the Concorde a less expensive flight than the usual paying clientèle. posted 07/03/2008 at 10:53:55 I meant if the runway was not swept, or the other jet's repairs were rushed, not that the booking had anything to do with it. There's a new system being tested that "sweeps" the runway electronically every few minutes for debris. posted 07/03/2008 at 11:45:10 Incidentally, I once worked with a Mr. Bruce Bevan, who, among other ground-based remote sensing instruments he has in an "arsenal" (former satellite scientist in archaeology) uses GPR (ground penetrating radar) to look for "voids" that develop or may develop under runways at their heaviest landing points. Last thing you might want is a multi-million dollar fighter hitting the deck hard and the wheel going through the runway. posted 07/03/2008 at 12:19:46 Steve Perry, Sam Cooke, Arnel Pineda, and My Journey To Obsession You know, I have a cousin married to Steve Augeri, the lead vocalist for "Journey" for about seven (?) years who developed a lung ailment and had to leave the tour, and I thought I heard on the radio one day long ago, that Steve Perry was giving impromptu drumming lessons in a San Francisco public high school. Strange what you remember. This looks a little like the Reo-Styx-Journey tour, which was one of the cheaper tickets that summer, wow how they've gotten expensive. I heard Steve Augeri is back working with some of his former band-mates in "Tall Stories". posted 07/03/2008 at 12:40:05 Ed. - I think he was a roadie for Patti LaBelle and once worked in insurance, wrote the life insurance policy for Mick Jagger he once said. Mr. Jagger is known to have cashed his in and restarted the "Rolling Stones" on tours. They (Journey) did a song together for "Armageddon" it's not in the film but on the CD of the soundtrack. I'm still wondering if it was playing in the cab that was hit by the meteor fragment. Beastie Boys put Steve Tyler's song from it it off the charts. They raised quite a lot of money for the fallen Port Authority police officers families after 9/11. Listening to a Brent Spiner (went to school with the Quaid brothers in Houston, TX) "Dreamland" from "The Real Brent Spiner" site.

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