Monday, March 24, 2008

Newsvine - A Space Odyssey's feuding fathers

I recall after the film going up to the screen in Syosset, NY on Long Island. I found a perforated strip screen and speakers on a scaffold behind it (not the Wizard of Oz?) and I recall this was before Dolby came to the theater. It was interesting, I wondered were certain sounds programmed to come from certain parts of the screen? When I saw "Clockwork Orange" in NYC later I couldn't see the screen. Once upon a time the indoor/outdoor drive-in I used to spend Saturdays in had one speaker in a horn behind the screen, and well today they can send the drive-in sound to your personal FM radio in your vehicle.

I read there was supposed to been an "Intelligent Life in the Universe" board of scientists in the beginning of the film that fell to the cutting room floor so to speak. I'm not sure if that was either Kubrick's or Clarke's intention. All of Kubrick's "stuff" is on display online. One exhibit had the "ape" suit looking across the hall at the Oscar statue. (also in English).

Newsvine - A Space Odyssey's feuding fathers

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