Monday, March 31, 2008

Newsvine - Court Agrees to Take Free Speech Case

When the NY State Law School opened in Buffalo, NY (the only one) I recall reading a few Supreme Court decisions as part of my anthropology background (a number of us do continue on in law) and I want to thank you for posting this. The Supreme Court over-ruled the State of Washington in previous appeals and stated that a gentleman was within his rights of free speech to have had a so-called "peace sign" on his American Flag placed with tape and not in the alteration or destruction of the flag. It had been in a window of his apartment on the sixth floor or something and a small demonstration below it ensued and a police officer ticketed him for $75, which he fought, along with the help of a native American group, all the way to the Supreme Court. Public vs. private speech helps clear that up for me, beats secular vs. profane in these cases. Newsvine - Court Agrees to Take Free Speech Case

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