Monday, February 04, 2008

Old Orchard Tea Room

Since a former First Lady is running for President of the United States in the primaries in New York today, I thought I'd link this interesting, now "archaeology" site in Coram, New York, on Long Island. I once visited it when it had a red tin roof and was in need of "repair" that is had a hand-pump in the kitchen and all floors were a-kilter. It has an interesting story. My brother and his friends rented the place, prone to flooding, across the road from the grass airfield, once next door to a brick building that once served as a small courtroom and post office, and did not know other than it was old what it had been. The bricks in the house next door were made from clay mined across the street where the airfield had been. Coram, NY is where then General Washington in the American Revolution was pleased to hear all the hay that had been stockpiled there by the British Army, taken from the locals, had been successfully burned. Some historians wonder if the stockpile had self-ignited in spontaneous combustion as large quantities of hay might (or horse manure, for that matter, some manure has burned out in the American West for weeks) in the large pile it was said to be. "Old Orchard Tea Room".

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