Monday, January 07, 2008

Re: Fw: Happy Holidays!

What a year last year was. Nancy couldn't hire me directly so I was hired indirectly by another firm and we went to test down at the Marine Corps College in Quantico, Virginia. When we got there that student opened fire killing 22 people. It was terrible being in Virginia back in April. We drove back and forth for the weekends and were testing in this really nice forest with giant trees with holly trees growing under them. We found some of the Confederate encampments they found on other parts of the woods just up from the Potomac River across from Maryland where they hoped to control the river and access to Washington, D.C. We used a handheld GPS about 5000 bucks dug a lot of holes which is what I do. I've dug more holes maybe than Jim Croce had, who crashed and died 2 weeks before I would have met him in Buffalo, NY probably. An anthro grad student had organized a concert in a movie theater for him. "Bad bad Leroy Brown" is about NYC on the tape I have of him, not Chicago!

We saw Marine One the President's helicopter its stationed there goes back and forth to the White House when called. It's being replaced by a European one that will be assembled and serviced in NY State thanks to Senator Clinton. Bush selected the Euro over the Bridgeport, CT, Sikorsky they're up to their eyeball over Iraq/Afghanistan I imagine wearing out faster than thought. We were part of a survey of a forest harvest at Quantico for a radar upgrade, last I hear they'll fix the radar rather than chop down the magnificent trees and raise the radar tower a bit. We saw the Ospreys (both kinds) before they were sent off to Iraq. (those tilt rotor planes).

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