Saturday, January 05, 2008

G4 - The Feed - Cohen To Play Abbie Hoffman On Film

9:37 AM The play "The Six Wives of Timothy Leary" got pretty good reviews over in the place it (LSD) started, England. Wasn't he one of the upcoming Star Trek XI actors godfather? Yes, Winona Ryder. I like to think of him as a decent author and New Yorker and professor. Jimi Hendrix played bass guitar on one of his recordings so I guess you could call him a recording artist.

10:02 AM There's a reference in "Three Men With Unlimited Capital" after the NY Times ad that started the Woodstock Music and Art Fair in 1969 that alleges Abbie Hoffman wanted a bribe to stay away from it, since he would start trouble he said. It also refers to him playing poker with the NYC police (many undercover there also alleged) regularly. When he died a tribute to him was held at the Palladium, since demolished for NYU dorms next to the German Luchow's Restaurant (1840-1982), on 14th St. in NYC, across the street from the ConEdison Museum and around the corner from the music venue Irving Place. Apparently there was some altercation between him and Pete Townsend of the Who there then, why, what? G4 - The Feed - Cohen To Play Abbie Hoffman On Film

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