Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Drunken Night in Iraq, A Soldier Is Left Behind - Washington Post

Is this not a dereliction of duty in the battlefield? It also seems to be a double standard applied to women soldiers, despite the so-called "universal code of military justice" (was there penetration?) How do we justify that nothing is paid to her child or any support for his or her development and education, left without a mother, and not for any reason of the woman who served our country, other than she had been mislead in the chain-of-command? She was mislead and then she and her child have been assaulted by it. This is more "don't ask don't tell" logic, and a review of all military treatment in regards to gender should be reviewed by the US Congress, in my opinion, having watched Fort Drum go from National Guard and winter training to the land of women in war-paint and carrying the new weapons without even a peep out of politicians. A Drunken Night in Iraq, A Soldier Is Left Behind

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