Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Newsvine - What's the Big Deal with Pink Floyd?

When Compuserve, I think started or maybe AOL I recall finding a discussion and a listing of the early tour dates in England that Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix were doing. It seemed to be a very intense schedule, three days here, two days off, three days here, etc. back in like 1967 or so before Jimi left for the US playing Monterrey Pop, a concert for a walk-in health clinic I thought I heard from Michelle Phillips. I often wondered what that was like, as far I as know, there's nothing written about it, though if the walls of Electric Ladyland Studio could speak...it should be a NYC landmark, by law it could. He was up in a house in the Catskills in NY in 1968 with what a friend's mom said "Janis Joplin or a look-a-like". She, from Shandaken, NY, was just starting in real estate and surprised them, showing a house. I think they had dogs. I thought I saw him in a cafe in Woodstock, NY where Bob Dylan, The Band and the Fugs I think and others spent some time.

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