Tuesday, December 25, 2007

District Trying to Forge a New Identity - New York Times

Dumbo Journal - NYC's new 90th Historic District, Dumbo "down under Manhattan Bridge overpass". I worked in an Abraham & Strauss furniture warehouse down by the East River and under the Manhattan Bridge, on the "night shift" one season before Christmas, 1975, and other times on occasional Saturday furniture delivery helper around the NYC region. They had over 40 trucks. My dad worked there, a delivery router, a former UPS furniture warehouseman/router when they handled more than packages. It was interesting, for Leaseway, Inc., of Shaker Heights, Ohio, run by a woman (known for their blue new car transporters). Three subway stops, way up over the Gowanus Canal and way down at Jay Street from 65th St. and New Utrecht in Brooklyn my grand-dad's place next to Elegante, brass beds and Tiffany lamps. Frank Sinatra for a short time was a TV detective and one of the episodes filmed down there by the river. ---------------- Listening to: Vanessa Carlton - Greensleeves via FoxyTunes

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