Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Couric's Candidate Questions: Infidelity - Media on The Huffington Post

President Tyler, 60, his wife deceased after bearing him 10 children, took the young Senator's daughter, 19, Julia Gardiner of New York as a wife. They met when the "Peacemaker" cast for "free" in NYC, exploded above them in a tragic cannon salute, passing George Washington's Mount Vernon on the Potomac River aboard the "USS Princeton" resulting in the first official funeral in the Capitol the NY US Senator Gardiner and two Cabinet members laid out there. Others too perished. She was taken from the tragedy in the Presidential carriage, her descendant, Robert Gardiner (seen on "60 Minutes") said they were raising a toast below deck and thrown into each others arms by it. Gloria Swanson he said, told him, recounting the story, it would take a Vivian Leigh to portray her. Where does the American public draw the line at fidelity? Are Presidents, as this one before the Civil War, allowed to remarry? Sometimes, though divorces in some states are only granted if both parties lie to the facts that permit a divorce, which many would change, I think the idea of fidelity is more important in death than life, hence the elaborate mourning required, its "taboo broken" quite the gossip and scandal maker in the past.

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