Friday, December 14, 2007

Contact Us, Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation

I worked on the island for four days for Geoarchaeology Research Associates of Riverdale, Bronx, NY on a sub-contract for the Public Archaeology Lab of Rhode Island for the US Coast Guard. The Captain of the "Swivel" then the passage there and back I later met during an archaeology survey of the east shore of Staten Island, next to Miller Field. My question is, do you have a copy of the report or should I contact one or the other businesses? If you do not you should. I find it somewhat troublesome that I have not found a reference to the monument on the south side of the island to the landing of John Peter Zenger who later is commemorated at St. Paul's Church (with the "twin" of the "Liberty Bell") just over the city-line in Westchester County, whose imprisonment and trial helped create the "freedom of the press" we enjoy today.

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