Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Candidates On Losing Their Tempers, Presidential Contenders Answer Katie Couric's "Primary Questions" - CBS News

I wish we could ask this question of other former potential candidates. In particular, the former New York State Governor George Pataki. He was invited to the Republican Convention to give a speech. When he arrived, speech in hand, he was handed a speech, so it was reported, that Newt Gingrich wanted him to read, which he refused. I wonder if Mr. Pataki was angry. He appointed Bernadette Castro, who ran unsuccessfully against US Senator Patrick Moynihan, to the state historic preservation office, and her last announcement was to open the Purple Heart Center near Vails Gate, NY where the troops in the American Revolution were asked to stay that winter after the treaty had been signed, just in case. Senator Clinton passed a law to make the Purple Heart postage stamp permanent, not the whim of a whoever politician sponsored one this term or that.

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