Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I was just in the wild a bit myself where the White House Tree (non-Festivus) is come from this year, decorated by the residents of Bennington, Vermont from the ho, ho, ho, Green Mountain National Forest, also celebrating it's 75th anniversary, a tradition it's said started in the 1840s by German immigrants in Brooklyn, NY. I recall last years arguments over the "tree" and wish President Bush had not cut down the last original tree on the White House grounds, because a squirrel was bothering him in the Oval Office, probably got fixated on it and VP would-be "Lon" Cheney had it removed. Paramount's "Miracle Man" (Lon Chaney) comes to mind, at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier recently re-interred with another as DNA showed who the former unknown was, this year attended by the just recently called for impeachment VP, on Veterans Day, while POTUS GWB was in Waco, Texas. There's a Cheney Island in the archipelago of Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy in Canada and some of the residents trace their family to the current VP (Ed. - originally settled by no longer there). The legislation to impeach VP Cheney, I watched dramatically unfold in the US Congress on C-Span before Veterans Day. Wish we could see the voting "board" there also we could see who changed all their votes to make it happen. Mr. Lamb has lamented on C-Span it's not up to them Congress has it's own TV directors. Anyway, one thing I heard up in the only wind-farm on Federal forest land, was that the statistical "witches" have it Giuliani/Huckabee vs. Clinton/Clark (first in his class at West Point Academy, General Wesley Clark) and thought I'd share what I heard in Bennington, Vermont, with the "Baby Boom".

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