Friday, November 23, 2007

McClatchy Washington Bureau | 11/04/2007 | Experts: No firm evidence of Iranian nuclear weapons

Hostage Crisis: MSM "We interrupt your program to state that if the USSR makes a move for the Iran border we will blow up all the F-14 Tomcats we sold to Iran (80 of them and a compound of 4000 Grumman employees training them, sold nowhere else) because of the air-to-air missiles on them would upset the balance of power." - ca. 1979 I was sitting with the test-pilot of the F-14 when this came over the television invited to watch on his belated birthday a show about "Ishi" with his wife an anthropologist who had been over in "Teheran" and gave a talk on what she had seen there in the Anthropology Club at Stony Brook University. I think there was once an order for 100, reportedly 77 are still there. When an Iranian student asked former Secretary of State Henry Kissenger back then what he could do about Savak ("the Shah's secret police") spying on Iranian students here in the US, he said he could do nothing. We seem to forget the "crisis" was over them, perhaps an excuse for a new global post-Teheran Conference (WWII), which some believe set the stage for the next world war.

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