Monday, November 26, 2007

Tom Brokaw Discusses Iraq, Network News, and the Upcoming Election During Romantic, Candlelit Interview With Howard Kurtz - Media on The Huffington Post

Yesterday a knock came to my friends door in the Bronx, NY. It was a gentleman with two petitions to put Hillary Clinton on the ballot. I thought it was the furnace repairman returning at first, the thing went out after Thanksgiving. It sort of made sense, in Representative Crowley's district (redistricting stretches from the Bronx into Queens) Senator Clinton, after the first "pile-on" debate, only actually officially requested to run in New Hampshire. I still recall that 3 or 4 am call by Mr. Brokaw that George W. Bush had won in the first election, the impropriety of which, presented to the President of the Senate, then Vice President Albert Gore and the candidate and alleged victim in the said election in Florida, the motion presented by an African-American woman Senator would not be heard by them and the rest of it went to the Supreme Court instead of a Senate committee, an image still stuck in my brain. I enjoyed Mr. Brokaw's autobiography, a cousin, George Murray, an award-winning news producer, who started out in the film editing room (infantry Captain in the Korean War and then Army Signal Corps, as was actors Martin Landau and Michael Richards) at NBC news, directing "Huntley and Brinkley" (started as a substitute for a sick one) and lastly producing CBS' coverage of both Democratic and Republican conventions in 1976, as far as I know never wrote one. I would have liked to have read about the stories of Saigon and Houston, the war and the Gemini project, which ruined his first marriage, washing his shirts out in hotel rooms. Edwin Newman read his letter of a cancellation by "higher-ups" of his investigative journalism team in South Vietnam trying to get the "common soldiers view" of the conflict for a number of months, at a eulogy in the UN Chapel. He had died in Mexico City, where his wife, an Avon executive from Pennsylvania, was introducing that product there. Well, I can look forward to Brokaw's new book.

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