Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jamie Lee Curtis: Thanksgiving '07: Happy Birthday to Me - Entertainment on The Huffington Post

I am not so thankful for John Steinbeck's legacy almost stolen from his son and family by legal "strategery" like a "black pearl". He lived out near Mattituck on Long Island, NY (Jamie's dad, Tony Curtis, is from where I type, in the Bronx, named for Swedish settlers with a library, which like many English words, once ending in -cks have become -x) with his wife and had a nice little sunroom to sit in. His son I recall was a reporter in Vietnam during the undeclared "war" there. Being George Myers, I'm kinda of thankful for the "Halloween" series and how it might have inspired Mike Myers. Thanks for being all those interesting characters, Jamie Lee, and those you starred next to should be thankful too. You know who they are, Governor A.S., Elwood Delaney, Eddie Murphy, Ron Silver, the fish named Wanda...

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