Sunday, March 11, 2007

Passing The Baton - Public Eye

Interesting comparison, too bad about the "memogate" that happened at CBS, though plotically I think was a diversion, the other letter requested that George Bush (by George Bush?) be let out 6 months early from National Guard duty (where he complained about flying the obsolete F-102 I once spotted flying low over the West Meadow Beach on Long Island Sound that a F-14 test pilot, Tom Gwynne, now a director of the "Cradle of Aviation Museum" in NY, told me was probably from the Massachusetts Air Guard that Fourth of July weekend, the state where President George H. W. Bush was born.) He was asking in the "other letter" to leave six months early to attend Harvard Business School where he went with, according to the Washington Post, (9/2006)

"The day he arrived in Baghdad, he met with Thomas C. Foley, the CPA official in charge of privatizing state-owned enterprises. (Foley, a major Republican Party donor, went to Harvard Business School with President Bush.) Hallen was shocked to learn that Foley wanted him to take charge of reopening the stock exchange."

"Are you sure?" Hallen said to Foley. "I don't have a finance background."

If Mr. Rather is reading this I hope he is well over at the other network where he still works despite that tragedy on his ranch. Did I tell you Joe Cocker raises cows on his ranch in Crawford, Colorado?

Source: Passing The Baton - Public Eye

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