Monday, March 26, 2007

Cannes Film Festival Selected Marilyn Forever Blonde The Movie

Back in 1973 or 4 I attended Gerald O'Grady's "Media Center" on Bailey Avenue in Buffalo, NY (just down or up from the restaurant Frank Sinatra, Jr. was a "fixture" in, I mean he played there often) I studied "Experimental Film" and "Film Analysis" with Paul Sharits, having actually the summer before, moving him into an apartment in Buffalo. One morning, his classes were cross-listed with the nearby English Dept. of the State University of NY at Buffalo, on the Main St. campus, he was reading a letter, in which he was invited to Cannes, which he told me he decided not to attend because of how Americans were being treated there. It's funny something like that sticks in your mind like the "The Insistence of the Letter in the Unconscious". His paintings are also at the the Anthology Film Archives nearby where I've done some research into NYC early theater district, the Bowery, for archaeology. At the Germania Hall, once next to Kate Millet's place, Kate Mullaney sitting next to Susan B. Anthony became the first women elected to the management of a union in America, she organized the white collar workers in Troy, NY. They detached from the shirt, replaced with another, bleached and cleaned en masse in factories.

It's good to see someone who represented the film arts (her mother worked in film "editing" I think I read somewhere) has a chance to reconsidered again there. Comment to: Cannes Film Festival Selected Marilyn Forever Blonde The Movie at Newsvine.

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