Monday, March 26, 2007

ACRA-L Snow making water

I was asked to do some preliminary research on the "Ski-Bowl" in North Creek, NY, nearby where Gore Mountain takes water from the Hudson River for the snow-making machines in Adirondack Park (also where a wind-farm is trying to be sited, on the garnet mine property that skiers, many from Wall Street, and elsewhere in New York State, arriving on train, used to ride through to the top of the Ski-Bowl before someone hooked a car-wheel rim of a V-8 creating a rope lift, saving some of the freezing rides back and forth in trucks. Its also where Theodore Roosevelt boarded a train for his inauguration after reading the telegram at the station the President McKinley had died after eight days from the gunshot wound at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY also where President Roosevelt was officially inaugurated, a house maintained by the US NPS. He had been at Tahawas Club hiking Mount Marcy (Tahawas) and was driven down at night on a relay of buckboards, stage-coaches ran up to Indian Lake, NY as late as 1930 maybe, and horse teams carried fresh meat to the resorts and hotels in the Adirondacks. They also, some, carried titaniferous magnetite (location of the 19th century McIntyre Iron works, a natural iron dam there led to by a "St. Joseph Indian" native American) for metallurgical experiment in the early 20th century, later WWII would bring trucks then trains to the titanium deposits, purportedly for "white paint" for winter tanks (titanium oxide) and court cases against feds not maintaining state RR crossing standards, and other conservation suit(s). The hamlet has a lot of history, including "Bennett's Airfield" (nearby Floyd Bennet, a famous aviator was born in Warrensburg, NY part of which is on the National Register of Historic Places).

I guess there is a question: 1) Hypothetical, your research is stopped at some point, and you no longer know what is being done with it, and its happened before, what you wrote and researched is probably to be submitted without editing or comment, conclusions submitted work recommended, etc. For example, common history had no native settlements, contradicted by local history in the next hamlet up-river now less than it was, North River, NY, which the skiers used to ride through to the garnet standards are what? Whatever gets through on-time? Shouldn't, short of copyright suits, which I'm given to understand copyright protection is now automatic, there be some safeguard for the info gatherer for these reports? If CRM/archaeology becomes technically produced by large companies (or others maybe even more so) isn't there a chance what is submitted is third and fourth hand rewrites?

Source: "Peaks ruling was good for Arizona from health, religious standpoint" The Arizona Republic Op-ed March 25, 2007 from the forum discussion at ACRA.

Response: Good morning George, Thanks for the interesting account and your observations. I want to point out that copyright is not necessarily automatic. While "common law copyright" generally applies it may be surrendered in a work for hire. In other words, if you produced a report in the course of employment, the copyright may belong to your employer. If you were contracted to produce the report the copyright may be yours. If a government agency contracted with you they may own the material. Best wishes.


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