Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Indian boarding schools STILL

Hello all,

Still working on Indian boarding schools here. I'm getting desperate. I know where the government run schools were. What I need are lists of Catholic boarding schools, Protestent boarding schools, and Reservation boarding schools. I don't need the details.

Does anyone know where I can find just a listing of these boarding schools?

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"...the Mohican Indian from Connecticut, Samson Occum was educated by Reverend Eleazer Wheelock, ordained a Presbyterian minister in 1759, and preached among the Native Americans of Eastern Long Island. He was sent to England in 1765 to preach and was instrumental in raising 10,000 pounds to assist in the founding of Dartmouth College, Wheelock's Indian School."

THE CONNECTICUT PEDDLER: "I LOVE LONG ISLAND" http://www.stanransom.com/lovelong.htm

An interesting history of early music in the New York vicinity re-recorded with historical notes. Interesting is "Home Sweet Home" a village named after it today there and "Carry Me Back To Old Virginie" both said to have been written on Long Island. It's said America's first successful operetta was written by Micah Hawkins, another Long Islander, (the "Pied Piper of Catherine Slip" - NY State Historical Association article) is alas, to my searching, not extant and was called "A Sawmill River or a Yankee Trick, as it were Willom" listed in the origin of the "blackface" theater historical tradition played first (?) on the Bowery, NYC's first theater district.

Maybe Dartmouth might know more about it...ye old College Road cut through the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, some of which I've been on, some of it no longer a road, also its result.

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