Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"...a destructive plan to clear-cut the Tongass National Forest." The Wilderness Society

We demand a better plan for Tongass

As an advocate for the protection of America's remaining wild places, I strongly object to the "proposed action" in the Tongass draft management plan.

This alternative sets logging at unreasonable and unsustainable levels - risking serious damage to the rich biological diversity of the forest. I am also gravely concerned that large, roadless areas containing pristine old-growth forest are left open for logging, when, in fact, they are the areas with the greatest need for protection.

This level of logging on the Tongass has no economic justification and would be devastating to the environment, costly to American taxpayers, and harmful to the local economy of communities in Southeast Alaska. It is far out of step with the wishes of the American public - who have repeatedly voiced their strong support for the protection of our remaining roadless areas.

Please pursue an alternative that protects -and does not damage - this incredible natural area.

In 1980 I visited Alaska, to work for the NPS in archaeology in Skagway in the Klondike Goldrush Historic Park on the Moore Cabin and hiked the Chilkoot Trail to the cabin above Sheep Camp and back on the Fourth of July. It would be better to build the road to Juneau from there and other development that might come with it than tear up what John Muir might have characterized as "priceless".

Save America's Rainforest from the Timber Industry

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