Saturday, February 03, 2007

Chief Justice Roberts and the Role of the Supreme Court

Chief Justice Robert's wife is from the Bronx, NY in NYC, nearby. Her brother, just before the nominations, perished when his late model Land Rover crashed over the side of the Tappan Zee Bridge into the Hudson River. The bridge will be replaced. The car company was in labor strife. I hope there was no foul play. Of course like many events no one hears a follow-up today a real problem in mass communications I think pointed out by "Wired" magazine, we've almost become an "aural" society despite techno advancements, perhaps too affected by auditory processes and hijinxs, like President Bush's handlers who've used "slapsticks" in a crowd to induce applause it's alleged.

"I stand up so you can see that you are not alone." - law professor Charles Reich, once Supreme Court justice Hugo Black's clerk and author of "The Greening of America". It must be hard to be the only woman on the bench, that is Justice Ginsberg or to have your house seized in "moot" eminent domain as Justice Souter's has in New Hampshire, the state that did not vote for George W. Bush in the Republican primary which sent one of the Republican voter hacks to jail for jamming civic service phones on election day. I would hope the court would hear more electoral issues, like the Republican voter registration drive in Mississippi a number of years ago thought to be borderline legal, and not hear the Electoral College votes to be more evenly represented. Comment to an article at the Huffington Post.

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