Sunday, February 18, 2007

Alec Baldwin: "Sending the Wrong Signal" - Huffington Post

The war on terror unfortunately calls to mind from the President some thwarted plot on his "daddy". To me it is a question of arms control, stingers, mortars, RPGs (some reported missing from our own National Guard Armory in the Bronx, in NYC), etc., having dug many shovel tests at Fort Drum before permanent occupation, before, beavers had run of the place with 10's of thousands of acres of fenced off firing range. One of the Napoleon's (III?) was once rumored to have once to have lived there, not LeRaysville, but near Lake Bonaparte at Alpina. Anyway, over the years the Explosive Ordnance Division has recovered "stuff" from barracks that troops thought once to bring home but had decided against. So, when I was searched for anthrax, etc., during that panic at West Point Academy's gates, where again I was digging many archaeology shovel holes because of hurricane damage to the woods and other plans, I also heard from the Japanese media, at the Pointers Echo Motel (removed for a Sunday football game preregistered) that basically the international forces were going into Afghanistan to cleanup what the Russians had to leave behind, i.e., the clearing and repair of damaged airports for a country bankrupted by a corrupt treasurer thrown into chaos. I thought that's a good idea, listening as we did to it described as "Russia's Vietnam". However, I still feel we've ignored our other commitments to people in New Jersey, New York and the USA over tragedies of hurricane, skyjacking, jet crashes, anthrax release, subsequent results, that as a short-term poor subcontractor's employee for the government (Fort Hamilton, Gateway National, West Point M.A., Picatinney Arsenal, and in formerly flooded New Jersey in historic Bridgewater) since those events, feel totally opposed to the President's "commitment" to Iraq, a legacy visited on him from his father's term, when we, were those that incited a revolution there. What will we incite here I wonder and observe as letters shut Johnson and Johnson wound treatment business, and other hushed up perhaps places?

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