Monday, January 29, 2007

Radio WFUV in the Bronx

Yesterday was Alan Alda's birthday they reported on Channel 1 News on the cable here in the Bronx where I am over by Bronx Park East on Holland Ave. I was watching Turner Classic Movies which had the original film "Dragnet" by Jack Webb who was also in it. There's an interesting scene in it where a number of police officers and detectives (or all detectives?) and they're going over some investigation I think in a boiler room or something. On the back wall, blocked for awhile, which got my attention "ordham" on a college pennant, is finally revealed to guessed it FORDHAM on angle a rah rah pennant. Interesting Alan Alda used to be one of Fordham University's deejays here in the Bronx, NY. Working in "contract archaeology" for a number of firms for some quite a long time, in the Wall Street area or over by the Quaker School off Stuyvesant Square across from Scheffel Hall where Les Paul and his trio (before the "Iridium" where he is now) he used to play for a number of years in "Fat Tuesdays" there on Third Avenue near 17th street. A number of years ago I was part of a finding of a shipwreck in the landfill over on Water Street next to the South Street Historic District, found with a Fordham alumni Bert Herbert an African-American, who said played in "Othello" at Fordham and besides being an "Eagle Scout" was one of Fordham University's class presidents. He took me out to see what I had missed "Apocalypse Now" in midtown where it was opened with "Godzilla Meets Bambi". The backhoe operator was a former MP at West Point Academy, during WWII, picked out of a "doomed platoon" because he was tall. Happy to hear WFUV got the antenna over at Montefiore Hospital (instead of next to the football field an 11 foot too near "eyesore" to the Bronx Botanical Gardens), despite the Federal Censorship Commission!

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