Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Parts Left Out of Chicago 10 (cont'd)

Before NYU tore down the "Palladium" venue on 14th Street in NYC to put up more dormitories (today in stark contrast its student body is from out of town), there was a tribute to Abbie Hoffman who had died recently. Much was made of the "small collection" of drugs in his freezer, souvenirs of the past.

In the book "Three Men With Unlimited Capital" after the NY Times ad placed that started the Woodstock Music and Art Fair that came to Max Yasgur's farm instead of Walkill, NY which I attended, its alleged that Abbie wanted to be paid not to show up and disrupt the concert with political "street" theater. I've been wondering about the 10gs was it? I found the book in bin in a Long Island "A&P" supermarket who were once chased out of NYC having an alleged "racial" practices. In it it's also alleged Abbie used to play poker regularly with the NYC police and many were undercover at the Woodstock Festival.

I had been to Woodstock, the town, not the fair the summer before, washing dishes in Timber Lake Camp, near Phoenicia, where I think I saw Jimi Hendrix in a sidewalk cafe and a friend says his mother starting then in real estate was showing a house and Jimi and a either her or "Janice Joplin look alike" were there they had been thinking they weren't going to be disturbed. Bob Dylan and The Band were up there too that summer as "Big Pink".

I wonder if Abbie helped tear the fence down I watched standing there with my ticket.

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