Saturday, January 27, 2007

Giuliani Stresses Vision and Performance

I once met the police officer assigned to his first wife, over lunch with a television investigative journalist, Mr. Giuliani's former wife Donna Hanover was a TV news journalist and actor, as Donna Hanover, appears as a judge in some episodes of NBC's "Law and Order". We in NYC had to endure their divorce and sometimes disturbing allegations in the press while he was mayor. But who hasn't in one way or another heard about that type of problem these days.

One civic group ("City Club" with meetings, sometimes on cable, with many distinguished guests) was concerned that the "Emergency Operations Center" former Mayor Giuliani had built for the City in the former World Trade Center complex, after the first bombing, complete with a large fuel oil tank that burned in the second attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 (aircraft) had created questions of liability of the city agency to the victims. Building codes, as the WTC is part of the NY/NJ Port Authority, had the WTC basically exempt from many NYC codes, such as fire codes. After the bombing (truck) lights were put in the stairwells, etc. I worked for a firm in five of the 90th floors in the WTC for the archaeological clearance of Fort Drum, NY for the subsequent permanent cantonment of the US Army 10th Mountain Division from Camp Hale, Colorado. Yet, on an earlier day, they wouldn't let archaeologist Edward Johanneman, (and I) to see a reported ship-hulk in its almost final building phase in the late 70s which would have been required perhaps under the City landmarks laws.

I grew up next door to a building inspector and his sons, one once a Grumman engineer for NASA (he used to throw the javelin) and the other once a secondary school science teacher who contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever as a teenager on Long Island, NY. A schoolmate became a Connecticut building inspector and told me of the "Knights of Columbus" headquarters, in New Haven, CT where all the substandard electrical outlets had to be replaced with those in the original design, at $.50 a piece the difference added up.

Mr. Giuliani's consulting firm I read was also in charge of the expensive clean-up of the US post offices after the anthrax attacks which killed five people, one from the borough of the Bronx Vietnamese-American nurse Kathy Nguyen who once lived where I write this, though they think she was exposed in Manhattan, to be critical, they could not find the evidence.

Source: Newsvine: Giuliani Stresses Vision and Performance

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