Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mr. Dershowitz's new book

Ruben Blades for President! Oops wrong country right lawyer, Mr. Dershowitz was there when he graduated law school. I was there when the law school opened in Buffalo, NY, NY State's only one. I have a few questions about the "Battleship Bush" revolution. My father's oncologist was featured on a PBS John McLaughlin as a cinematographer of the hardships the children suffered in Iraq after "Desert Storm". American Veterans For Peace was addressing that issue I read with water filtration projects before this last invasion. Why didn't we have a new draft? I feel for the 50,000 who were just put on their third tour to Iraq and in Afghanistan. An "Afghan" was once a rug on American couches throughout the land. Some of the troops are from Fort Drum, NY where I was part of the initial archaeology survey done by law that brought the 10th Mountain Division (started by a Dole, not Senator Dole, though he was in it) to New York's swamps and sand dunes from Camp Hale, Colorado back in the 1980's for EBASCO, a Texas power plant builder, in five top floors of the World Trade Center. So where's the lawyers? Bushes kill them all? His Dad once asked for a moment of prayer from the upper deck of the Motor Ship Mount Washington, in Wolfeboro, NH as he had to become President while President Reagan had his colon operated under anesthetic. Maybe this silent prayer thing has gone too far. We need more secular humanism.

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