Thursday, February 16, 2006

"Follow down" to Aerial resources

I don't have anything firm to contribute. I was once associated with the Gwynne's through the Stony Brook Anthropology department, that is I met Mr. "Tom" Gwynne who was the F-14 test pilot for the Grumman Corporation (they built the LEM Lunar Excursion Module used to land and leave the Moon, some of my high school classmates parents were from that industry) who sold 100 F-14 ("Top Gun" jets in the movie of the same name) to the Shah of Iran. The company had a compound of 4000 employees and their families there before the Islamic Revolution and the "hostage crisis" resulting from the students occupying the US Embassy. They claim to be spied on here while attending school, by the Savak, secret police operating with impunity in the US. Mrs. Gwynne has a Ph.D. in Anthropology now (she helped teach the field school in Long Island Archaeology taught by R.M. Gramly, Ph.D., also assisted by Sherene Baugher, Ph.D. once the first NYC Landmarks Commission Archaeologist and recently President of the Council for Northeastern Historical Archaeology. Interestingly Stony Brook University is "seizing" the property next door for expansion which contained Gyrodyne, makers of coaxial helicopters, manned and unmanned used in Vietnam and as submarine hunters in the Cold War, can be seen online. I saw one one person helicopter flying over the potato fields that became tract developments near the university. I years ago tried to research the adjoining property ran into a wall so to speak, for future impacts there and it's amazing, the university may also owe their original siting in part to them too.

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