Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Blog | Erica Jong: George in Purgatory | The Huffington Post

This song by 'Mantis' reminded me of your story: 'Furnace of Desire' on 'Moonshine Tabernacle'. I lost a friend in a shoot-out in a 'Dante's', a bar in Centereach. Illmars Peipins helped me with that, reading prose from a publication, Ms. Jong also appeared in, 'Center' something, back before 'Fear of Fifty'. I wish her daughter the best of luck in the times that are a changing. I'd like to close with Marianne Faithfull - ['Before the Poison'] 'My Friends Have'. Good night. I must tomorrow write about Gore Mountain history and the A. Hitchcock road there...North Creek, NY is where T. Roosevelt was told Pres. McKinley was dead after the shooting in Buffalo, NY (where Mr. Peipins lived) he had been climbing Mt. Marcy. Posted by: George Myers on August 21, 2005 at 08:34PM

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