Monday, August 29, 2005

BAGnewsNotes: Bush In Crawford: Calling It Curtains

"Western White House" reminds me of a ex-Yippie I once met. He (who either tongue-in-cheek or well I don't know) said he was an illigitimate son of George Metesky, "NYC's Mad Bomber" who terrorized the citizenry for 16 years with non-lethal bombs, I think a disgruntled ConEd employee (Con Edison once had the first "White House Press Secretary" George B. Cortelyou as its CEO, according to my research and his standing at its museum on 14th Street there. He once taught shorthand in NYC, before becoming Chairman of the Republican Party among other jobs, 3 Cabinet posts) told me there was a theory about Nixon's "Western White House", San Clemente Island, which also had special ops launched from there Gyrodyne built thingies I think. There, they thought, President Nixon had at one time some sort of secret brain operation, which Yippies knew about but nobody else did. They liked Nixon up until that time, he changed they thought because of it. I hope President Bush isn't pushing President Reagan around in a wheelchair as it was once reported in tabloids President Clinton President Kennedy.

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