Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Yesterday a child came out to wonder...

I once used photogrammetric cameras and software for close-range measurements. In the glass plate the film was held up to (a tricky piece of mechanics) are many small "crosses" called "reseau" marks, that are documented to microns, so to determine in the developed film, stretch or distortion, as a result of temperature or other parameters. They are also documented with one lens too to take into account any aberrations. Well these crosses reminded me of them a little. The close-range photogrammetry was introduced to me by Canadians who where trying to figure out how to respond to a US "drubbing" for not getting the forensic info on a military air crash in Gander, Newfoundland before a blizzard covered up the perhaps crime scene. The Rollei camera people were developing it. However Avianca crashed in the woods while they were teaching me it and I to this day sometimes feel guilty. However they say that was caused entirely by language misinterpretations. Maybe the Supreme Court with Roberts could force more cases to be heard about the victims of disasters (Flight 007 the USSR shot, the Iranian jetliner we shot, Flight 800 (?), the events of 9/11, etc.) and force close-range photogrammetry on the law, as it is being adopted in England for car-crashes and other work. The idea was that one could have flown over the crash site in a helicopter before the blizzard and had extremely accurate measurements to work from, and perhaps compare them after the thaw. Posted to BAGnewsNotes

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