Friday, July 22, 2005

King Tut's tush

Civility and law. A woman sued (for an undisclosed amount) for being branded by a hot "manhole" owned by Con-Edison in NYC, apparently on the buttock and arm. I was reading Charles Reich's "Sorcerer of Bolinas Reef" (that is until I heard my bag would be searched, so now I'm on the subway with a mini-computer bag. Living near to the Muslim Center of the Bronx, its on Rhinelander, off White Plains, a former CWA, Communication Workers of America "union hall", I expected a gazillion cops...none. Once upon a time there were many halls in Manhattan, one Germania Hall, torn down last week along with 295 Bowery, Kate Millet's home of 38 years, was where Kate Mullaney, sitting next to Susan B. Anthony, she on our "old" $1 coin, was the first woman elected to union management, she had organized the collar workers in Troy, NY. Cleaned collars allowed "white collar" workers to wear the same shirt again) the former Yale professor and author of "The Greening of America" who was once Justice Hugo Black's law clerk, and I wonder if Bush's tush is branded by the "Skull and Bones" fraternity there as reported wouldn't it be better to have a Sinfonian in the White House, like George B. Cortelyou was, under McKinley and Roosevelt, the once former CEO of ConEdison after his government service? - BAGnewsNotes

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