Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Flag Day in the U.S.

Yesterday I read Carlos Santana was coming to Macy's Herald Square, to promote a line of women's shoe's, sales of which will be donated to charity, which he does alot of work in, distributing many, many small sums around the country. I read. Tomorrow he plays Madison Square Garden. My brother-in-law (Ginger's Victor) has worked for Macy's selling womens shoes for many years now! I feel blessed...though that's at Roosevelt Field he does that. I went by there yesterday listening to a Seattle "Heavy Soul" band "Maktub" (sounds like Mach 2) which means, in Arabic, roughly "your destiny" from a folktale, which springs the definition at the end. Jimi Hendrix's childhood home was saved from the "wrecking ball" (illegal in Manhattan still legal in the Bronx, how about Huntington, save John Coltrane's house?) and will be a community youth center. Nice news from the "Ghetto Fighters" who may have been some of Phil Spector's "wall of sound" people (different from Phil Lesh's "wall of sound" his book is out(?). Phil Spector, the music producer, played "Connection" in 1969 "Easy Rider" [working title "The Loners"] and is on trial for murder). I was listening to "Maktub" on WFUV of Fordham University (FM, streaming online, and now HD), where Alan Alda was once a DJ (he's in "Glengarry Glennross" on Broadway now about the real estate sales business) and since I haven't apparently been "dooced" (fired for a web blog) I am returning to work tomorrow, where the American and the Canadian flags are flown together, the Clarion at West Point, near Newburgh, NY about to be changed to somethng Suites. They say they have free WiFi in all the rooms. Listening to: "Carlos Santana Divine Light Reconstruction & Mix Translation: Bill Laswell. Music from Illuminations & Love Devotion Surrender." sonymusic.com c) 2001 Sony Music Entertainment. Manufactured by Columbia Records. legacyrecordings.com. I "won" it at iWon.com for $1(?).

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