Sunday, June 19, 2005

"Cow stickers"

One October I was doing some archaeology survey along the St. Lawrence Seaway, the locks, hydro power and dams we share with Canada, (one of Abbie Hoffman's haunts before his demise and the tribute at the Palladium in NYC, that was torn down for NYU dorms, recently in NBC news as they help free two murder suspects wrongly imprisoned) the NY power authority was looking to return some of the "taken" properties in construction back on to the tax roles (one place Waddington, NY its church originally endowed by Trinity Church in NYC has about 95% of its property off the tax records) and they had a TV ad for "cow stickers" in the local election. You, if you were for the candidate, were to come down and pick up "cow stickers" and place them all over the dairy cows northern New York is known for, though I'm not sure if it was "tongue in cheek" people are always looking at cows aren't they? And mooing? It was a wet fall.

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